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Your Special Anniversary Gift Offer Will Expire In:

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If you have any questions or you're interested in joining the Big Secret on Wall Street Elite, please contact Lance James – our head of Customer Success – at 1-888-610-8895.

Our offices at open between 9 am to 5 pm Eastern, Monday to Friday. 

Important message from Porter with all the details...

“One year ago, we released the inaugural issue of The Big Secret on Wall Street… and to celebrate our anniversary I’ve got 6 special gifts for you…”

Dear Reader,

One year ago, we published The Gods of Gas…  

The first issue of The Big Secret on Wall Street. 

And arguably one of the most important economic predictions I’ve ever made. 

It’s an overlooked story that I believe will reshape the geopolitical landscape and could potentially make early investors a fortune in the years to come.  

In other words, we came out of the gates swinging…  

And since the inaugural issue on June 5, 2022, the team here at Porter & Co. continues to stay several steps ahead of the financial press and Wall Street.  

The inevitable U.S. oil and gas boom… the revival of nuclear energy… the coming implosion of the corporate debt bubble… the sub-prime auto bust…   

All stories we predicted, analyzed, and told you how to position your portfolio for… months before the mainstream media caught wind of them.   

And we’re just getting started…

There are a number of huge stories my team and I will be shining a light on soon… 

And I want to make sure YOU get these stories first. Always and forever. Let me quickly explain…

I’ve been writing about the financial markets for more than 25 years. But I believe the work I’m producing right now is my best ever. 

You see, for the first time in years, I’m back to doing what I love – unencumbered and completely focused on providing you the world’s best financial research. 

At my previous firm, I was often distracted operating the business, managing hundreds of employees, and overseeing dozens of research products.  

And I got pulled away from what I do best…  

I didn’t have the time or energy required to do the deep investigative work that’s needed to succeed in the financial markets.  

But now, with Porter & Co. I’m back…  

This time I’ve surrounded myself with an exceptional team who allow me to focus on the one thing I do best: 

Helping you prepare for and profit from the major, yet overlooked, economic stories that are shaping the financial markets. 

Now, one year on from the publication of our first issue, I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for being here with me. 

I cannot fully express my gratitude for your support and trust. It’s thanks to you and your fellow members that Porter & Co. exists.

And I hope the work we’re doing continues to help you create the lasting, permanent, and recession-proof wealth you and your family deserve. 

Now, to celebrate our first anniversary… 

To thank you for being a loyal Porter & Co. member… 

And to put you in the best possible position for years to come…

I have a very special message to share with you today. 

It’s the chance for you to get access to six special bonuses that are ONLY available for a select group of my readers. 

Let me tell you about each of them... 

Anniversary Gift #1:


Recently my team and I flew to France to visit my oldest mentor, the legendary economist Bill Bonner.

We stayed in his 234-year-old chateau in the valleys of Normandy…

We spoke about business, philosophy, investments, and the future of America and Western society for three days.

If you don’t know Bill, he’s the founder of the Agora companies, a bestselling author, a famed economist, and a billionaire.

For over five decades, he’s been studying and writing about finance, investing, the global economy, and the future of America.

The tapes include several hours of no-holds-barred financial, economic, and cultural analysis from one of the country’s most brilliant men. 

And if you want to build lasting wealth, there is arguably no one better to learn from than Bill Bonner…  

But these tapes are not available to watch anywhere at any price. In fact, these recordings have not yet been seen by anyone outside of my team. 

However, as soon as THE BONNER TAPES are finalized (in a few weeks) you'll be among the first to access these invaluable insights. 

I’ll tell you how to get them in just a moment. First I want to tell you about another recent meeting I had, with a world-famous economist and market commentator… 

Anniversary Gift #2:


Earlier this year, Grant Williams visited my farm in Maryland. 

For close to three hours, Grant interviewed me on a wide array of topics.   

Grant is one of the most intelligent, engaging, and original people I’ve ever come across in the world of finance. 

He’s an advisor to Matterhorn Asset Management in Switzerland, and a strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore.

But most importantly, he’s a friend. 

And in this several-hour long conversation we delve into the world of finance and global economics in ways you’ve never considered.  

This interview is a must-see. Especially if you’re interested in my philosophy on business, investments, and life in a much deeper way...   

Frankly, I reveal more about my personal life in this meeting with Grant than I have perhaps at any point in my career. 

You could say it’s me… uncensored.

This interview was initially recorded for Grant’s private investor group – who pay $4,000 per year for access. 

As a personal favor, however, he has kindly agreed to let me share the interview with a select group of The Big Secret on Wall Street members. 

Anniversary Gift #3:


I’ve asked my team to take the outlook for the markets and the economy that Bill and I, then Grant and I discussed, and produce a pair of investment guides for the months ahead. 
I want to take the mystery out of how to best position yourself for what's to come. As well as provide you an actionable approach for preserving and growing your wealth.
The first is a guide to buying gold and precious metals. 

It covers everything you need to know A to Z. In fact, these are the exact same steps I take when I buy gold, silver and precious metals.

The second report lays bare Warren Buffett’s coveted stock-picking secrets. And features 15 companies we’ve put through his proven process…
We’ve dubbed these companies the “Inevitables”. 

If you don’t own shares of these stocks, you should consider buying. If you do own shares, you should consider adding to your positions.

All the details are in these two reports. 

Which, by the way, I want to send you at no cost. 

And that’s not all...  
To provide you with a world-class resource for guidance going forward, I’ve asked my team to build a product I’ve always wanted but could never find…

Anniversary Gift #4:


This is a private monthly research dossier that provides all the critical analysis you need to make better, more informed, and more profitable investments

If our roles were reversed, this is the product I would be BEGGING you to give me. 

It’s a detailed analysis of everything I deem significant in the global economy and financial markets.  

A single, carefully-curated resource that ensures I always have my finger on the pulse of what matters without scouring the Internet for hours every day.

A service that digests everything I need to know to manage and grow my wealth more effectively. 

Hell, research like this is how almost all the top money managers stay on top of everything in the markets.

They’re not spending 16 hours a day trying to keep up with the deluge of financial, economic, and market data. 

They’re not attempting to read every SEC filing, economic report, research paper, or Bloomberg article. 

They’re not studying the latest Federal Reserve meeting transcripts, interviewing industry experts, or sifting through reams of financial data…   

Instead, they have armies of analysts working night and day to analyze everything for them… 

Analysts who do all the heavy lifting and give them only the critical data they need to make better, more profitable investment decisions. 

And that’s precisely what this service does. 

It’s called The Porter & Co. Investment Chronicles.

It gives YOU the same informational advantage used by the world's savviest investors to grow their wealth in any market.   

Outside of running your own hedge fund or investment bank, getting this type of condensed research is next to impossible.

I know because I’ve always wanted it…

And now I want you to have access to it too. 

My team, led by Justin Brill – a brilliant research analyst I’ve known for over a decade – will extract the most valuable insights from hundreds of sources…  

… hedge fund letters, annual reports, SEC filings, investment newsletters, newspapers, Twitter threads, conferences, podcasts, and more… 

And digest the key findings, analysis, investment ideas, data points, trends, opportunities, and risks into a single, easy-to-read and easy-to-act-on resource. 

I think it’s the most comprehensive expression of our goal as a business: to give you the information we’d most want if our roles were reversed.

If I were to charge for this service, it would cost at least $1,500 per year, but probably far more. 

However, it’s NOT open to the public. Not at any price. 

Instead, it’s for a select group of our Big Secret on Wall Street members. And today, I want to make sure YOU are one of those people…

It’s all part of the next gift I’ve got for you… 

Anniversary Gift #5: 


This upgrade gives you permanent access to The Big Secret on Wall Street… 

Every new issue, recommendation, investor briefing, and portfolio update... forever... all for a fraction of what others will pay… and without the annual renewal fees

As you know, membership to The Big Secret is usually $1,425 1,000 per year. 

(Over the next three years that’s $3,000 in renewal fees… over the next five years, $5,000… and over the next ten years it’s $10,000.) 

But to celebrate our first anniversary, I want to invite you to upgrade to our new ELITE tier where you won’t pay anywhere close to this...

Instead, for as long as The Big Secret on Wall Street is published, you will have full access without ever reaching for your wallet to pay the $1,000 annual renewal fee. 

And get this: even when you’re finished with our work, you can even pass your membership on to a loved one with our Legacy Clause

What's more, when you upgrade to ELITE today, you’ll also get The Porter & Co. Investment Chronicles every single month, for as long as we publish it – at no extra cost!

Plus everything else listed above! 

Along with everything else listed above. 

Now, we could easily charge $10,000 (or more) for ELITE Access to The Big Secret on Wall Street… 

And the investment would be worth every single penny… especially when you consider your elite membership gives you instant access to:  

#1. Permanent Membership to The Big Secret on Wall Street – with zero renewal fees (saving you thousands of dollars). 
#2. ​Permanent Membership to The Investment Chronicles – at no extra cost. 

#3. The Bonner Tapes 

#4. Porter Uncensored Video 

#5. The Gold and Precious Metals Guide

#6. Inevitable Wealth: Warren Buffet's Stock Buying Playbook

(Plus, several yet to be announced bonuses we'll be adding to your Elite membership over time...) 

All you’ve got to do is accept this special anniversary offer and upgrade your membership from annual to Elite before 11.59pm PST, June 13th... 

As I said, we could easily charge $10,000 or more for Elite access to The Big Secret on Wall Street. 

However, if you accept this special anniversary offer this week, you won’t need to invest anywhere close to $10,000…  

Instead, you can upgrade to our Elite Membership Tier for just $4,000! 

Better yet, as you have already invested $1,000 to join The Big Secret on Wall Street, we’re going to credit this towards your Elite upgrade. 

That’s as much as $7,000 in savings – a discount only available via this special anniversary offer.

For just one payment of $3,000, you can get permanent access to our flagship advisory – The Big Secret on Wall Street… 

Plus, ongoing access to our new monthly service The Porter & Co. Investment Chronicles and every other bonus gift I’ve promised today.

To accept this special offer, all you have to do is complete the form below while this anniversary offer is still available. 

Or, you can call my team at 1-888-610-8895 between 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday.  

You’ll secure permanent access to The Big Secret on Wall Street for the lowest price you’ll ever see - with no renewal fees, for the life of the publication.

All you’ll ever pay is an annual maintenance fee of $199 – without this small fee, we'd never be able to make such an offer.

There’s only one catch: If you’re considering taking advantage of this offer you need to do it this week – as it's only available to mark the one year anniversary of The Big Secret on Wall Street.

At midnight PST on Tuesday June 13th, this deal expires.

What’s more, the cost to upgrade to ELITE will soon increase to $5,000. 

So if you want to lock in your 70% discount (not to mention the lifetime of savings and bonuses) take advantage now while you still can.  

To get started, simply complete the form below or call my team at 1-888-610-8895. 

Plus, in addition to all of this, when you upgrade today, you will also get one final gift…

Anniversary Gift #6: 


“The Little Book of Picking Top Stocks: How to Spot Hidden Gems”

[Only 1,000 copies available!]

On top of everything above…

If you choose to upgrade to ELITE today, I’ll also send you the hardcover first edition of the book our very own Martin Fridson just published.

Martin is the director of our distressed investing advisory, Porter & Co. Distressed Investing.
Known as “the dean of high-yield debt,” Martin Fridson has been called a “living legend” by The Museum of American Finance and is the world’s leading expert on distressed debt.

He’s our Wall Street legend. 

And his brand-new book answers the burning question…  

Does it pay to buy the S&P 500’s #1 performing stock of the previous year?

Martin gives you the answer, plus reveals the shared traits of the stocks that made it to #1. He’ll also tell you the sometimes-amazing stories of how they got there.

We only have 1,000 hardcover copies of Martin’s book, and once they’re gone they’re gone... 

So how can you make sure you get your free copy? 

Simply fill out the form below or call my team at 1-888-610-8895 to take advantage of this special anniversary offer to upgrade while it’s available. 

Better yet, to make sure you don’t miss out, you don’t need to make your final decision today. 

Just complete the secure upgrade form below, upgrade your account to our elite status, then take 30 full days to check out our work with no obligation. 

If you decide the elite status of The Big Secret on Wall Street isn’t for you, just contact my team, and we’ll issue you a refund – minus a 10% cancellation fee.

How’s that for easy?

I know deadlines can lead to a hasty decision, or worse, a missed opportunity. And I want to make this decision as simple as possible for you.

At Porter & Co. your best interests and peace of mind come first, always.

So don’t put this off…

I look forward to welcoming you to your newly upgraded ELITE 


Porter Stansberry 

REMINDER: This Special Anniversary Offer Expires Midnight PST, June 13th

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If you have any questions or you're interested in joining the Big Secret on Wall Street Elite, please contact Lance James – our head of Customer Success – at 1-888-610-8895.

Our offices at open between 9 am to 5 pm Eastern, Monday to Friday. 

Complete the Form Below to Upgrade Your Big Secret on Wall Street Account to Elite Status 

Complete the Form Below to Upgrade Your Big Secret on Wall Street Account to Elite Status

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  • ​Exclusive Access to The Bonner Tapes & Porter Uncensored
  • ​Complimentary Reports, The Gold & Precious Metals Buying Guide and Inevitable Wealth
  • Permanent Membership to The Investment Chronicles.
  • ​Martin’s New Book, The Little Book of Picking Top Stocks 
  • ​​Lowest Price you'll ever see (as much as a $7,000 discount).

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